What is Lilith Faire?

Lilith Faire is a Marketplace for Feminine Artists to Sell their Products with Full Self and Business Autonomy. 

What We Do.

We are learning and better understanding how we can change the world by stopping the support of Corporations and Start Investing in Humans again. We start by seting you up to have full control of your business and products with your pictures and content. You set the commission price that we use. We then pull products from multiple artists to create a fun and Unique Collection to Market for you. After all that, all commission is put in the pot for the next Marketing Collective. 

A message from the Owner:

"Our problem on Earth is that we are not investing more into the people that taught us the authentic ways of what life really should be about. Black and Indigenous Women are The Light and The Way, not Jesus. Every person on Earth comes into this world through the blood and pain of a woman. Women are the portal to physical life on Earth and Every Woman should be in full charge of their own Sacred Portal and in a safe place that encourages living and nature, not death or white American industry. It is time we get back to Factual Truth and Human Rights that these women have been speaking on. Lifting their voices is Key." -Chelsey Fann

"For Her, My Sister, Not for me." - Valkyrie Incarnate - Supporting Influencer (Tiktok)

BIPOC Artists and Leadership

Kailo has partnered with 4Winds Farm in Glenwood Springs, Colorado to provide scholarships for women to access healing of their unresolved trauma and cumulative stress. These Women are creating Foundational Changes in Women's Education.

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